Eligibility & Deadlines

Helloooooo! We are back with a post about how to find important information regarding each program you may be applying to. After choosing your university and program, look it up on Google, this will help you navigate to their program description page, their graduate student page, and their prospective student page. You, as a new applicant, are considered a prospective student! Read those pages carefully, as they contain important information regarding application deadlines, and eligibility/admissions requirements. You can then navigate to their admissions and application process pages, where you will find the information regarding what to submit (i.e. is GRE required? How many recommendation letters do you need? etc.) Finding these pages are not always straightforward, so remember the following key words: You are considered a “prospective student” applying for “graduate studies” (includes both masters and PhD), hence need to look for “Admission/Eligibility Requirements” and “Application Process” pages. Let us know if you have any questions :), happy applying!

Steps: Eligibility

  1. Google your program: ex. “University of Toronto Biology PhD”
  2. Navigate to their “Program Overview” or “Program Description”: Here you can learn more about how to apply, and what types of students they’re looking for.
  3. Admission Requirement or Eligibility Requirements: In these sections you can learn whether you are eligible to apply, for example, do you need a master’s degree to apply to their PhD program, or do they have direct entry from bachelor’s? 

Steps: Prospective Students

  1. Navigate through their site to the prospective students (that means you!) and admissions page (if you can’t find it just google it)
  2. On admissions page locate:
    1. 2.1. Deadline: when to submit your application
    2. 2.2. Admission Requirements (again)
    3. 2.3. Application Process: This includes information reg how many recommendation letters you need, what essays you need to write, how many pages your CV should be etc.