Getting Started

In this section you will find all our tips and information you need to help you get started on your applications (from finding out how much the process costs to deciding whether to apply for master’s or a PhD)!


Contacting a Professor

In this section you will find our posts on how to find, choose and email a professor. It includes an email template, and a helpful video on how to find good labs.


Choose Your University

Here we introduce reliable sites  for finding a good universities with good rankings, as well as other factors to consider such as eligibility requirements and deadlines when you are thinking about where to apply.


TOEFL & IELTS Preparation

Here you can find some of our practice material, and posts about how to prepare. This is by no means comprehensive, but just fun listening, grammar, and vocabulary exercises that our members have prepared for you!


Application Materials

Here you can learn about different application materials, such as the CV, recommendation letters, statement of purpose and much more!