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Application Checklist

This is a general guideline of documents that are usually required, each program may be different, make sure to check the requirements. TOEFL or IELTS GRE (General and/or Subject) Statement of Purpose Resume (including past research experiences, publications, work experiences, etc.) Recommendation Letters Transcripts A holistic application: Most universities in the US and Canada have […]

Gap year(s)

Gap year(s) refers to the years that you spend outside of the educational system, this could be between undergraduate and graduate school or between Master’s and PhD. The less, the better.  What should I do during my Gap years?  If you’ll do military service, no worries, you’re fine. If you plan to work, make sure […]

PhD or Master’s

PhD: 4 – 6 years Harder to get accepted: Best to either have publications, or have participated in olympiads. Past research experience is a must!  Enter job market later. Almost always includes funding! Master’s: 1 – 2 years Easier to get accepted. Enter job market sooner, or get a PhD. Harder to secure funding: High […]

Cost of Applying

University Degree: You need to release your degree, its cost depends on where you are from and what year you entered the university. Military Service? Applies to you if you are a male who hasn’t completed his service. Application Fee This costs between $50 – $100 depending on where you apply per university. If this […]