How to Find a Professor?

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Hey everyone! Through this video we explain how to find potential professors to email and connect with. This can be very important, since if you have a professor’s support, you are usually more likely to get into the program of your choice. There are usually 2 types of professors. The first type is when a professor is older and has a big reputation. These professors tend to have more funding and their work is more accepted in the scientific community. There are however drawbacks, as they usually tend to not have that much time to spend with their students and are usually traveling. The second type is when a professor is new, and his/her lab is quite small. Sometimes this type of professor could be more open to accepting new students. Although they may have less grants, they still can offer you a lot more time and advising. These are just some factors to consider when you pick who to work for. PC: @freepik.