How I (Sepideh) studied for TOEFL

Hey everyone, below we have Sepideh’s TOEFL experience, the resources she used and her tips for doing well on this exam. Hope this is helpful :).

My score: 111 total, breakdown below:

  • Reading: 29
  • Listening: 28 
  • Writing: 28
  • Speaking: 26

Starting level: Upper Intermediate

Studied for around 6 months

Vocabulary Resources:

  • 504 textbook
  • Ankidroid Application
  • 1212 words to know for TOEFL
  • Barron’s Essential words for TOEFL

Reading Tips:

  • There are many approaches, my approach was to read the text fully and then move on to the questions
  • Avoid getting stuck on hard vocabulary or questions
  • Identify your weakness: is it speed? Is it a particular type of question? Re-review the questions you got wrong.

Reading Resources:

Listening/Speaking Tips:

  • Practice! Listen to podcasts and watch English movies or series
  • Manage your time when speaking.
  • Avoid pausing or stuttering when speaking.
  • Speak, record, listen, repeat…
  • If possible, consult with someone with experience. 

Writing Tips:

  • Read well-written essays.
  • Compile a file of useful transition words or helpful sentences to use in your writing
  • Use a variety of verb tenses. 
  • Brainstorm before writing. 
  • Practice typing!